How Do Outdoor Projectors Work?

One of the things that people love the most is watching movies, especially in a theater. However, it is essential to bear in mind that not all of them have the financial resources and the time to go frequently to the movies.

For that reason, projectors have become very important in recent years for recreational and commercial purposes. 

Many people use these devices to create their own home theaters and watch their favorite movies and series, as well as play video games. However, many other people prefer to purchase outdoor projectors not only for recreational but also for commercial purposes.

These outdoor projectors are commonly used in the house’s backyards, where you can invite your family and friends. They can also be used in commercial establishments. 

Normally, projectors work best in dark rooms due to the low brightness that most offer. If you use a device of this type on a screen outside, the results may not be the most expected.

For that reason, it is essential to purchase a projector specifically designed to be used outdoors, which will have more brightness thanks to a greater amount of lumens. 

Projectors are devices that project an image or video onto a screen or surface. These devices provide an excellent viewing experience on different screen sizes. They are very versatile since they cannot only be used indoors but also outdoors. 

If you want a projector to work well outdoors, then you must consider an important factor: light. It is the biggest disadvantage when we use a projector outdoors.

Intense light causes the intensity of the projected image to decrease and not reflect as we want on the screen. That is why it is most advisable to use these devices in the afternoons or nights when the sunlight is not so intense. 

In this type of outdoor projector, it is vital to know the term lumen. One of the most important things in an outdoor projector is brightness. Many people with little experience purchase such a device to show their movies in their backyard.

However, the results are not as expected because the number of lumens presented by the said projector is not adequate. 

Lumens represent the light output of a projector, that is, the brightness. Outdoors, brightness levels play a key role as they can be easily affected if exposed to natural light from outside. That is why it is always advisable to use our outdoor projectors when there is little light. 

Choosing an outdoor projector with the required number of lumens. 

Next, you can know the number of lumens that your outdoor projector needs depending on the size of the screen: 

  • If you have a 9 x 5 ft screen, you will need a projector between 2,500 lumens and 3,000 lumens. 
  • If you have a 12 x 7 ft screen, you will need a projector between 3,000 lumens and 3,500 lumens. 
  • If you have a 16 x 9 ft screen, you will need a projector between 3,500 lumens and 4,000 lumens. 
  • If you have a 20 x 11 ft screen, you will need a projector between 4,000 lumens and 5,500 lumens. 
  • If you have a 25 x 14.5 ft screen, you will need a projector between 5,000 lumens and 10,000 lumens. 
  • If you have a 40 x 22.5 ft screen, you will need a projector between 5,500 lumens and 12,000 lumens. 

If you plan to use an outdoor projector exposed to daylight, you have to make sure you choose the one with the number of lumens needed. Generally, the minimum recommended lumens vary between 3,000 and 4,000.

However, the most suitable for these situations are outdoor projectors that range between 6,000 lumens and more than 10,000 lumens. 

However, regardless of the number of lumens, the viewing experience may not be as expected as no device can compete with sunlight. It is the same thing that happens when we try to see our phone screen on a sunny day. 

Using the Outdoor Projector at Night 

These types of devices are most often used at night, either to watch a movie or for commercial purposes. The projected image will have the best quality since this time, it will not be exposed to sunlight. 

During the night, you will be able to enjoy a movie with your friends and families, and you will have an excellent viewing experience. Best of all, projectors are very versatile and flexible devices, so you can place them anywhere and have the option to adapt any screen size. 

It is essential to keep in mind that even if we use an outdoor projector at night, it must have a large number of lumens since there is always a light, whether coming from the house or another place, that could pass through the screen. 

Is It Advisable to Leave the Projector Outdoors? 

If you are a person who frequently uses the projector in your garden or backyard, you should never leave it outdoors as this device is not designed for that. Weather conditions, dust, and other factors could damage it. 

Therefore, it is essential that you take the projector inside every time you finish using it for the day. These devices are delicate, so you must take great care of them, especially from temperature changes. 

Where to Place the Outdoor Projector? 

The location will depend on the time of day we are going to use it. Fortunately, these devices are versatile, and we can move them anywhere. 

If you plan to install your projector during the morning or at a time where it is still sunny, then it is best to place it in a location where there is shade. That place may be covered by a roof or by a large tree. 

In case you use it at dusk, you can place it almost anywhere as long as you avoid locations near the house where there may be some source of light that damages the viewing experience.