Do Projectors Have Sound?

Projectors are devices that project an image or video onto a screen or surface. Many people use them for either commercial or recreational purposes. 

Year after year, technology has advanced, allowing the manufacture of more modern projectors that present a greater variety of options.

That is why when buying a device of this type, we must know all the features that it offers as well as our needs since it is not the same to use a projector in a room to do it in an outdoor place. 

Years ago, people considered certain features and functions of the projector before purchasing it. Among those options was not sound as most devices of this type did not have built-in speakers. Today that has changed thanks to the advancement of technology. Many modern projectors have built-in speakers. 

It is important to note that many of the speakers built into a projector are not of excellent quality. Although it is advantageous in some instances, its sound quality is lower than that of a TV.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t projectors with high-quality built-in speakers, but we must be clear that most of those devices can be expensive. For that reason, the sound in a projector should never be a determining factor when buying one. 

Make sure you don’t believe the stereotypes about a projector’s lack of speakers. That is an issue that must remain in the past.

Many people still think that modern projectors do not have internal speakers, but as we have indicated previously, that is not the case. Most of them have these components built-in, regardless of their sound quality. 

Sound Options for Projectors 

You can listen to your movies, series, or video games mainly in two ways: Built-in speakers or external sound systems. 

As we’ve already mentioned, modern projectors come with built-in speakers that can deliver acceptable sound quality depending on the device’s brand. You may prefer to use these projectors to save more space as all components and options are built into them.

That way, you wouldn’t have to install external sound systems that can take up more space than necessary. However, keep in mind that the sound quality will be lower than that of external speakers. 

You may want to install a home theater system. For that reason, you will need excellent sound quality so that the visual experience when watching series or movies is the best. In these cases, it is best to use a separate sound system as they will provide you with greater audio capabilities. 

There are modern projectors that offer you both options. That is, you can enjoy the internal speakers, but they also have audio outputs for you to connect to an external sound system. 

These projectors are very versatile since you can have the best sound quality according to where you will use the device, whether in a small (or large) room or outdoors. 

How Do You Get Sound from Projectors? 

There are several ways to get sound from a projector. 

The first thing you have to know is that the best way to project videos is by using an HDMI cable. 

The source device can be anyone with an HDMI input such as a TV, PC, monitor, video game console, etc. You simply have to connect both ends of the HDMI cable to the respective inputs on the projector and the source device. 

It should be noted that not all projectors or multimedia devices come with HDMI ports. If you don’t have one of these projectors, then you will have to go for other audio cables to get the sound from your projector. 

The most common audio ports on these devices are AUX and RCA. You can also use an HDMI cable, but you will need to connect it to the appropriate adapters. 

The cases mentioned above apply to projectors with internal sound. If you don’t have one of these devices, then your only option is to opt for external speakers. These components generally come with AUX audio inputs. 


Years ago, projectors didn’t come with built-in speakers, so we had no choice but to install external audio systems. Nowadays, that has changed since we have more advanced devices that allow us to obtain sound without installing external speakers. 

It is most advisable to use an external audio system as it provides better sound quality. That doesn’t mean that projectors with built-in speakers are a bad option. On the contrary, they are versatile devices that allow us to obtain sound comfortably and save a lot of space. 

Choosing one or the other will depend on the needs of the user. If you are in a small room, a projector with internal speakers could be a great option, but if you want to project video outdoors or in a large room and need a loud and clear sound, the best choice is an external audio system.