Can You Turn Your Phone into a Projector?

The advancement of technology has reached different areas of our life. We can enjoy it for both work and recreational purposes. Among the wide variety of devices created to make people’s lives easier, we can find projectors. 

It is a device capable of receiving a video signal to project images thanks to a lens system. These devices have become essential in many people’s lives, whether for work or entertainment.

That is because they are tools that allow you to view different types of high-quality, high-resolution content on different screen sizes and anywhere, providing an excellent user experience. 

Many use them to watch series, movies or play video games, while others prefer to use them for work environments, whether in commercial establishments, events, or presentations. 

Projectors come in a variety of diverse shapes and sizes and are produced by various companies. Therefore, it is normal that we find devices of this type with different characteristics and prices. 

It should be noted that not all people have the opportunity or willingness to buy a projector and tend to opt for cheaper options.

Although these devices were not designed to work well with phones, it is possible to turn our Smartphone into a projector as long as we use the appropriate techniques and accessories. 

Can You Turn Your Phone into a Projector? 

Yes! It is possible to see the images of our phones projected on a large screen. That is, we can see the visual content of our mobile device in an enlarged way in different screen sizes. 

Best of all, it is an effective and easy solution that you can do yourself. You will only need the necessary materials to achieve it. It is true that there are more expensive accessories that will allow you to turn your Smartphone into a projector, but it is not necessary to pay for them since there are other cheaper ways to achieve it. 

How to Turn Your Phone into a Projector? 

Before you know the steps you must follow to turn your phone into a projector, it is important that you take into account the materials you need: 

  • A shoebox. 
  • A magnifying glass. 
  • A cutter. 
  • Scotch tape. 
  • A pen. 
  • A paper clip. 
  • Black paint. 
  • Handsaw (optional). 
  • Silicone adhesive. 

Apart from these materials, obviously, you will also need your Smartphone. These inexpensive accessories and tools will allow us to create a cardboard projector that might not seem like the most appropriate way to project and magnify the images on your mobile device.

However, if we follow the steps to the letter, we can obtain results similar to that of a conventional projector. 

It should be noted that we will not have the same visual quality as the images from a projector. It will only allow us to view the video of our Smartphone on a larger screen. 

Steps to Turn Your Phone into a Projector 

Once you have the materials and tools, it is time to follow the following steps: 

The first thing you have to do is hold the shoe box and trace the outline of the magnifying glass with the pen on one of the side ends of the box (the short one). Once you have marked the shape of the magnifying glass on the box, use the cutter to cut out and remove that part. 

Once you have made the hole, it is recommended that you paint the entire box with black paint (both inside and outside the box) so that the light does not escape. Also, it will have an attractive appearance.

One recommendation is to make a small hole in the upper part of the box where you can insert the cable to charge your phone. That way, your movie or series won’t be interrupted by low battery power. 

It is time to fit and adjust the magnifying glass in the hole we have made in the box. Your magnifying glass may have a handle, so you will need to remove it. You can use a handsaw to cut the handle, but you must be very careful not to cut your finger.

If you have the opportunity to buy two magnifying glasses, it would be better since they will allow the images to be displayed with greater clarity. 

If you are using two magnifying glasses, use scotch tape to join them together. Insert the magnifying glass into the hole, and then seal it with silicone adhesive. You can make sure it doesn’t come off by using tape around it. In addition, that will help prevent the light from filtering if there is a small space left. 

Now is the time to determine where in the box to place your phone. That is important as you will need to align your mobile device with the magnifying glass.

It is recommended that you make a base to place your cell phone inside the box without falling. This base consists of using paper clips to hold your device. The phone screen should be right in the middle of the magnifying glass. 

The last step is to stop the rotation of the phone. That is because the image on your mobile device will be projected upside down. That happens because the light is flipped when passing through a lens, in this case, the magnifying glass.

The best way to solve this problem is by downloading an app. Android users can use Ultimate Rotation control or Screen Rotation Control. If you are using an iOS device, then you must activate AssistiveTouch in the accessibility settings. 

You have already turned your phone into a projector, and you can start projecting your images on a bigger screen. 


As we have said before, creating a projector using a phone will not provide the same image quality as a conventional one. However, we can improve this quality a bit with the following tips: 

  • Use dark tape to prevent light from passing through. 
  • The room where you will see your movie or series should be dark. 
  • The brightness of your phone should be at maximum.